• Manage your DNS with GitHub. It's as simple as git push yourdomain.

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Git Push Your Domains. Like Heroku for DNS.

It takes 30 seconds to connect to Namecast with your GitHub account. Log in, tag your repository with a domain, and commit a JSON file with your domain details to the tagged repo - we'll automatically update our DNS cloud with your changes. That's all it takes to start managing DNS via GitHub.

Built For DNS Geeks.
This ain't GoDaddy.

Need Native IPv6? Geographic targeting? Alias records? Weighted records? Round Robin Load Balancing? We've got you covered. This is DNS for people who actually depend on DNS. Our tutorial will have you up and running in no time - you're five minutes and a few lines of JSON away from DNS nirvana.

Permissions Made Simple.
No Hassle Auditing.

Anyone who has access to your repositories can update your DNS records just as they would source code. You can have users commit to their own branch, or have them submit a pull request to update your zone files. And every update and change to your DNS records is logged in your Git revision history.

Clueful Support

Need help getting started, or do you have a tricky DNS problem you need us to solve? Not a problem. Our quickstart guide and example GitHub repository should be more than you need to get up and running. And once you've logged in you're just one click away from reaching our support ninjas.

Sensible Pricing

You don't have to worry about how many queries per second you get or hittng API rate limits - just pick the plan that matches the number of domains you have. Starting at just 19 dollars a month for 10 domains.

Built To Last

We have over a decade of experience managing and deploying DNS solutions for clients across the globe and with every imaginable use case. Now we're offering the same power and flexibility that large content providers and CDN networks use to power their DNS platforms to every GitHub user.

How It Works

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    Match up your repositories and your domains....

    Log in to our portal and connect your GitHub account with Namecast. Once you're in, adding domains and connecting them to your repositories is a snap.

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    ...get ready to push...

    After a domain is first associated to a repository, go to GitHub and enable the Namecast service hook for that repo, and we'll watch for any updates to your domain configuration. In a rush to get started? You can fork our example repository and modify the example .ncd domain configuration file to match up with your own domain details.

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    ...and watch your Git commits turn into DNS updates!

    Commit your .ncd files, and we'll pick up your changes and deploy them across our global DNS cloud. It's as simple as that. Once a domain is attached to a repo, you won't even have to log in to our portal any more - you can manage your domains exclusively through git.

  • Blast off! Next stop, DNS Nirvana!

Sign up today and you'll receive a free GeoDNS enabled domain, youruser.ncd.io , that's yours to keep - perfect for testing out changes to your DNS records!

Our Pricing

  • up to 200 domains
Scooty Puff Jr.
  • up to 10 domains

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